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Talks and Seminars
Here you will find dates for public talks and workshops.

Clutter Clearing is an excellent topic for talks and seminars, whether these are public events or in-house trainings.

Companies, private organizations and institutions can benefit, as Clutter Clearing is a relevant matter in all parts of our life. In the business world an interesting focus could be “Time Clutter” and “Communication Clutter” as well as “How to keep a workplace clutter-free!”.

From my experience Clutter Clearing is an extremely rich topic as it resonates with our personal experiences and leads straight into practical application for changes. It motivates on a deep level.

Let me give you an example:
After a public talk on Time Clutter a woman came up to me who had participated in one of my talks a year ago. She shared that I had inspired her to clear clutter in several areas of her life which then created new experiences of awareness and clarity.

If you share my aspiration to facilitate changes for the better and if you are in a situation to set up talks or workshops, please contact me for an individual quotation.

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