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Space Clearing
is a fascinating energetic process which deeply cleanses our inner and outer environment, we focus on our home, business or work space.

Although not always evident, our surroundings have a profound influence over us, often disrupting the quality of our life. Energetic imprints left from former tenants, major life changes, even family or work related disputes, affect us. They are held as a memory in the space.

During a Space Clearing consultation a high level clearing ceremony is performed, dispelling unwanted and stagnant energy. The space is energetically adjusted to each individualís needs. A feeling of renewal unfolds, creating a warm, inspiring atmosphere filled with lightness and joy.

As a result, we begin to see clearly from a higher perspective. Limitations and outdated belief systems become visible and can be dropped. Our wants and needs become accessible, new paths are revealed and potentials are highlighted.
We feel motivated and active, aiming for the life we want to live.

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