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Clutter Clearing
allows us to let go of anything unnecessary which complicates our life and creates stagnation.

We can accumulate clutter on many different levels.
On a physical level things we donít need, use or love, pile up, drawing on our energy as we tidy, clean and maintain them.

Endless to-do lists, an inflexible and packed timetable, stifle our creativity. Defining what is really important to us becomes extremely difficult. Time Clutter might be the reason!

Emotional clutter is caused by not dealing with issues of the past which have hurt our feelings. Often we bury them in deep unconscious layers where they drain our energy.

On a mental level, thoughts can become a burden as they swirl around in circles focusing on negative and trivial issues, preventing us from making well-needed decisions.

A Clutter Clearing consultation reveals why we hold on. We are able to clarify our thinking and raise the level of consciousness. From there we can let go! We can move on! We can own our life!

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